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At Clixar, we are convinced that our success depends on the unity and professionalism of our team. Today, Clixar employs the best specialists, experts in their field that have many years of experience and knowledge. Every day, we build a team of like-minded people who strive for the common result.

Clixar’s corporate culture continues the traditions and life principles of our founders. The Kazavchynski family is a role model in terms of both developing business processes and respect for each employee. We offer our candidates the opportunity to get acquainted with the team, experience the spirit of the company, learn about the rules and traditions, as well as about the future position and job responsibilities even before the official employment.

This approach enables us to show the potential team member our commitment and willingness to share our experience.

Clixar has a training and onboarding system in place. We have built our own induction system. It will enable you to quickly and easily integrate into the work process and put your knowledge into practice efficiently. The motivation and recognition system is actively used to encourage employees, which enables us to inspire our team to develop and achieve high-performance results. Working with Clixar is the key to fair, honest, and ethical relationships both within the team and with partners. Only by combining the efforts of the entire team, we can achieve the goal and success in the business we love.

We invite you to join the Clixar team, a team of professionals and devotees.