• icon Reinforced molded locking mechanism
  • icon Special spikes for secure fixation of the seal on the bags
  • icon Self-locking lock
  • icon Patented products from the manufacturer

Body color The Postseal seal is produced in yellow, white and blue colors.


The tightening seal Postseal is a monolithic polyethylene seal. Clixar developed a self-locking mechanism for the lock with an asymmetrical double-sided arrangement of elements. It simplifies the installation process of the seal and makes its opening more complicated.

The unique number is applied to the seal's catch. The application is performed by laser marking through the thickness of the seal's surface making it impossible to erase the number without visibly damaging the seal's surface. In addition to the individual number, it is also possible to mark the seal with your company logo, QR, and bar codes. 

Advantages of the tamper-evident seal Postseal:

  • The reinforced cast locking mechanism
  • Special tenons to attach the seal to bags securely
  • Self-locking mechanism of the lock
  • Patented product from the manufacturer

Postseal is used for sealing:

  • bags
  • containers and packages
  • premises
  • vehicles
  • fuel tanks, etc. 

To install the tamper-evident seal, it is required to pull the tail part through the object's eyelets or wrap the tail around it, and then put the tail part into the lock and tighten it. 

The tightening seal  Postseal is used in postal services, agriculture, logistics, banking, and many other sectors.

"Postsil" indicator seal by "Clixar" — simplicity and reliability

The "Postsil" seal (postal seal) is an effective device for sealing mail bags and containers, various boxes, accounting instruments, automation and TRC, warehouses and building entrances. This type of seal is a universal means of preventing unauthorized access and fixing attempts of burglary.


The security seal "Postsil" is a cast construction with a lock mechanism that is well protected from direct access. It is impossible to open the seal without visible damage. Thanks to the sharp spikes on the body, the "Postsil" seal is securely attached to the filler hole of the bag, regardless of the material it is made of. The design of the seal is strong and reliable. We are sure you will see all its advantages in action.

Parcel seal "Postsil" advantages

This security seal belongs to the variety of tie-seals. Its design consists of a body that includes: a lock part, an information flag (tag) and a flexible element. An eight-digit digital code is applied to the information flag by laser engraving. Clixar can also put a logo of your company on it, which will further increase the safety of the objects for which you will use this seal. "Postsil"has many benefits:

  • Unique cast lock mechanism;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Self-locking lock;
  • Possibility of applying an individual number and the logo of the customer company.

You can buy plastic "Postsil" seals at a favorable price on our website. This is a choice in favor of quality and reliability!

Key features

  • Seal type: tightening seal tightening seal
  • Material: Polyethylene Polyethylene
  • Tail width, mm: 8 8
  • Working length, mm: 237,4 237,4
  • Dimensions,mm: 308×20×10 308×20×10
  • Temperature range of application: from –50°С to +75°С from –50°С to +75°С
  • Lock type: cast lock cast lock