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Clixar offers valve lockouts and plastic seals for metering devices

Plastic seals are not a full-fledged protection against tampering and fraud. They are made of polycarbonate or polypropylene. These are materials that can be damaged with special equipment. However, the main purpose of plastic seals for metering devices is to show attempts of interference in a timely manner. And they cope with this task excellently.

To lock captive nuts and prevent their twisting or disconnection of pipes, as well as the removal of gas meters, you need PGF lockouts. An indicator seal and cable prevent intruders from unnoticed removing the seal and lockout from the nut. Any manipulations with the lockout or seal will not go unnoticed. For those reasons they are very useful and effective in housing / communal services and also for domestic consumers.

Indicator seals and blockers: purpose

Sealing is not only the protection of various objects from theft, but also their safe operation. It’s very important for fuel cylinders and fire extinguishers. They can only be used with seals that guarantee the serviceability of the equipment and maintain information about the date of their last check. Here’s what types seals can be used for this:

  • «Strela Lux»;
  • «Strela V2»;
  • «Strela V3»;
  • «Banksil»;
  • «Postsil».

Indicator seals come in different types: latches, ties and rotary models. But all of them cope well with their main goal – ensuring the integrity and safety of the contents. Buying an indicator seal from «Clixar» is truly an excellent solution!